Revisionists vs. Anti Soviets

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Recommended optional background music, "The Orphan's Begging Song," author unknown, has been put in MIDI format by Comrade P.K. Volkov of VOkSovProlKompMuz.
This song was often sung by homeless orphans after the devastating "War Communism" famine of 1919-1921, and the "Collectivization" famine of 1932-1933.
Play "Besprizornik" (unaccompanied clarinet).
Play "Besprizornik" (piano, accompanied by piano).
The words and musical score are available at this site.
View Index of Songs for other background music selections.

"Revisionists" vs. anti-Soviets

Readers should be aware that, just as there are Nazi Holocaust "revisionists" who claimed the Holocaust of the Jews never happened (or was grossly exaggerated), there are also Stalin "revisionists" who would downsize his death toll from the commonly accepted 10-20 million to a few tens or hundreds of thousands. Stalin revisionists are to be found among nostalgic anti-"reform" Communists in Russia, and among some on the "academic left" in the USA, who wish to remove a principal moral justification for US anti-Communism in the Cold War.

Collectivization (1929-1933)

The Great Purge (1936-1938)

A Stalin-era graphic inadvertently hints at the disastrous impact of Collectivization.

Postscript, Jan 2001

A 1998 Russian school textbook offers a favorable view of Collectivization.

Who was worse -- Stalin or Hitler?

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