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MIDI renditions by Comrade P.K. Volkov of VOkSovProlKompMuz.

Ob"yasnenie latinskoj azbuki vospolzuemoj zdes'
Explanation of Russian transcription used here

Note: If you pick "play only," it will continue to play as you flip back to the page you came from (unless that page has its own music). "Words and musical score," however, means a complete page display.

composertitleTitle in EnglishPlay onlySee words and musical score
A.V. Aleksandrov Zhit' Stalo Luchshe Living Has Gotten Better mus/zhit.mid sg-zhit'.html
M. Blanter Pesnya o Staline

Dlya nas otkryty solnechnye dali
Song About Stalin

Sunny prospects open before us
mus/st-bla.mid more solemn
mus/st-bla-voc.mid quicker; accompaniment less prominent
L. RevuckijPesnya o Staline Song About Stalin mus/st-revu.mid sg-st-revu.html
Vano MuradeliMarsh Dzerzhincev March of the Dzerzhinskians (CheKa) mus/dzerzh.mid sg-dzer.html
[unknown]Besprizornik The Homeless Orphan [begging song] mus/besp-1p.mid unaccompanied clarinet
mus/besp-2p.mid: piano, with piano accompaniment
?My -- Kuznecy We Are Blacksmiths (of revolution) mus/kuznecy.mid sg-kuzn.html

Works in Progress
(music and scores to be posted later)

music: ?
words: Akaki Tsereteli
Suliko Suliko (a Georgian woman's name) sg-suliko.html
[words only]
Comrade Tim Bender [] of the Tallahassee A.O. called our attention to a global MIDI song collection with a large Russian and Soviet archive at
It includes two renditions of "Suliko."
music: A.V. Aleksandrov
words: S. Alymov
Pesnya o Pionere-Geroe Song about a Hero Pioneer (Pavlik Morozov) sg-pavlik.html
[words only]
music: L. Polovinkin
words: I Dobrovol'sky
Spasibo! Thank you! (Comrade Stalin, for our wonderful childhood) sg-spasibo.html
[words only]
music: M. Krasev
words: L. Kvitko
Pis'mo Voroshilovu A Letter to Voroshilov sg-voroshilovu.html
[words only]
music: M. Blanter
words: A. Surkov
Pesnya o Staline Song About Stalin
[words only]
music: F. Sabo
words: M. Inyushkin
Pesnya o Staline Song About Stalin sg-st-sabo.html
[words only]

Words only
(music unknown, or widely available elsewhere)

music: A.V. Aleksandrov
words: S.V. Mixalkov
Gimn Sovetskogo Soyuza Hymn of the Soviet Union
original 1943 text refers to the Great Leader and Teacher
[music available elsewhere]
Vas. Lebedev-Kumach Pesnya Bojcov NKVD Song of the NKVD fighting-men sg-nkvd.html
[music unknown]

Internet Chinese Music Archive
A large selection from our Chinese comrades. Don't miss, under the "Modern Music" heading, "Music from after the Liberation" and "The Cultural Revolution Period."

Kejda takes a skeptical look at Enver Hoxha's adaptation of traditional Albanian music styles:
Don't miss, most of the way down, the clip of "Enver Hoxha Tungjatjeta" ("Long Live Enver Hoxha"), a favorite Party anthem.

"Leader in Lieder" [German], a global MIDI song collection with a large Russian and Soviet archive at

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