Criminal Code of the RSFSR (1934)

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Russkij tekst (original Russian text).

with changes
to 1 October 1934


General Part

Section 1. On the tasks of criminal legislation in the RSFSR13
Section 2. Limits of applicability of the Criminal Code2-53
Section 3. Common origins of the criminal-justice policy of the RSFSR6-194
Section 4. On measures of social defense, applied according to the Criminal Code in relation to those committing crimes20-448
Section 5. On the procedure for applying measures of social defense of a judicial and corrective character 45-5217
Section 6. On conditional judgement of conditional early release [probation and parole] 53-5719

Specific Part

Chapter I. Crimes against the state
Chapter II. Other crimes against the order of government 60-10832
Chapter III. Civil-service crimes 109-12150
Chapter IV. Violation of the rules of separation of church and state 122-12754
Chapter V. Economic crimes 128-13555
Chapter VI. Crimes against life, health, freedom, and individual dignity 136-16158
Chapter VII. Property crimes 162-17864
Chapter VIII. Violation of rules preserving public health, social safety, and order 179-19270
Chapter IX. Military crimes 1931-1933173
Chapter X. Crimes, being survivals of patrimonial society 194-20584


Legislative resolutions, circulars of the P.C.J. [People's Commissariat of Justice], and decisions of high courts of the USSR and RSFSR on the applications of individual articles of the code 87
Alphabetical index of subjects 155

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