Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)

The USA's first liberal anti-Communist?

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Frederick Douglass, Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, Wordsworth American Library, 1996.
Part II, Chapter 5 "One Hundred Conventions" (1843)
p. 173


"Anti-Slavery Israel", "Anti-Slavery Army" --
ironic terms for the New England Anti-Slavery Society, which scheduled 100 anti-slavery conventions around the Northeast in 1843, including this one in Syracuse NY. They commissioned Douglass as an agent.

Liberty Party--
The Liberty Party (1840-1848), was a splitoff led by Arthur Tappan and Theodore Weld from the Anti-Slavery Society led by William Lloyd Garrison. Garrison despised politics as ineffective against slavery. (In 1854, he would publicly burn a copy of the US Constitution as a "covenant with death and agreement with Hell.") In contrast, the Liberty Party was founded to encourage anti-slavery politics. In 1848, it dissolved as many members joined the Free Soil Party.
Douglass eventually broke with Garrison on this issue, seeing promise in electoral politics.

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